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Highly Versatile Landscape Management Equipment by Ventrac

Creston is proud to partner with Ventrac in offering one of the most innovative and versatile machines in the landscape management marketplace. The Ventrac 4500 is the ultimate multitasking sub-compact tractor capable of performing operations that would previously have required multiple specialty vehicles.

Tough and intelligently designed this powerful workhorse can be outfitted with over 30 professional grade attachments. Applications include:
Snow Removal and Debris
Turf Maintenance
Soil and Site Preparation
Specialty Attachments

The tractor itself is a specimen for quality American engineering, but what separates this beast from the pack is its vast capability. The Ventract 4000 series can be continually customized and repurposed via the extensive availability of multifunctional attachments that exceed the capability of virtually any other compact tractor. In combination with its sub-compact size and light foot print, Ventrac has changed the game of landscape management.


• Articulating Frame
• Slope Safety & Stability Options
• Huge Array of Attachments
• Customizable Across Applications
• Powerful Engines
• All-Wheel Drive
• Light Footprint

Tractor Attachments

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Ventrac Sub-Compact Tractor
Compact Tractor Attachments
Ventrac: Your one Tractor Solution

Slope Rating Options

Dual Wheels: 30 Degress, 58 Percent Grade

4500 with Dual Wheels

Wheel Extensions: 25 Degress, 47 Percent Grade

4500 with Wheel Extensions

Standard Wheels: 20 Degress, 36 Percent Grade

4500 with Standard Wheels

Tractor Attachments

Snow Removal and Debris

Turf Maintenance

Soil and Site Preparation

Specialty Attachments