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Sidewalk Snow Vehicles: Efficient and Maneuverable SSV Tractors Can Do the Job of 10 Men

Sidewalk Snow Removal Vehicles

Efficent Sidewalk Snow Management

Sidewalk Snow Vehicles make sidewalk snow removal easy and efficient. Powerful and maneuverable, these stand-up tractors can do the work of 10 men! Creston is proud to partner with Ventrac, Boss, and Meyer to offer industry leading snow removal solutions that drastically reduce the heavy lifting and time required in clearing snow from walkways and tight areas.

Our SSV's feature oscillating plow blades, and an array of available attachments to help your team quickly clear snow from tight corners and extended walkways. Call Creston today to learn more about reducing the labor time and effort required for your crew to tackle sidewalk snow removal jobs.

SSV Attachments (Varies by Brand)

• Plow Blades
• Snow Blower
• Snow Thrower
• De-Icing Brush
• Drop Spreader
• Brine Sprayer
• Hopper Spreader

Benefits (Varies by Brand)

• Efficient
• Powerful
• Maneuverable
• Oscillating Attachments
Sidewalk Plow
Sidewalk Snow Removal Brush

Ventrac SSV

Ventrac's 18.5 horse power SSV has a top speed of 8 MPH with a machine width of 36". Ventrac boasts a wide array of useful attachments and accessories to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

Available Attachments

• 42" or 54" Plow Blade
• 38" Broom
• Brine Sprayer Kit
• 34" Snow Blower
• 34" Drop Spreader
• Snow Bucket
Ventrac SSV

Boss Snowrator

Boss Snowrator offers an 11 or 14 horse power engine (from Honda or Kohler) with a top speed of 5 MPH. The Snowrator also comes standard with a 20 gallon de-icing brine spray system to efficiently treat surface ice.

Available Attachments

• 48" Plow Blade
• Exact Path Spreader: 1.5 cu ft Drop Spreader
• Broadcast Spreader: 1.8 cu ft Broadcast Spreader
• 20 Gallon Brine System
• Bucket Mount
Boss Snowrator


Boss SR Mag boasts 26.5 horsepower with 4 wheel drive to maximize your efficiency in sidewalk snow removal. With a forward top speed of 8mph and zero turn maneuverability, the SR MAG is poised to quickly tackle the heaviest snowstorms.

Available Attachments

• 4' and 5' Straight-Blade Plows
• VXT V-Plow
• STX48 Snow Thrower
• BRX48 Broom
• Exact Path
• TGS85
• Bucket Mount
Boss SR Mag

Meyer Turbo Broom

Meyer's new walk-behind rotary broom features a 9.5 horse power gas engine with electric start and a broom width of 36". Maneuverable with a hydrostatic transmission broom, Meyer's new offering is an affordable and flexible option for efficient sidewalk snow removal.

Available Attachments

• 36" Wide Broom
• Variable Speed Control
• 30 Degrees Left and Right Manual Broom Angles
• Broom Speed Up To 200 RPM
Meyer Turbo Broom

Orec Snow Rhino

Orec's Snow Rhino track drive snow plow offers zero turn maneuverability with adjustable blade length, plow angle, and hydraulic plow height. The 10.7 hp Honda engine pushes a 34" wide plow with the option to expand to a 46" wide extension.


• Full Trip Plow
• Head lights
• Honda Engine
• Hydraulic Plow Height
• Parking Brake
• Plow Angle Adjustment
• Stand-on
• Track Drive
• Zero Turn
Orect Snow Rhino